What to Expect when You Travel to Medan

The option to travel to medan might something unheard of to you before when it comes to choosing Indonesia as your travel destination. Normally, an image of Bali tropical beaches would flash on your mind when hearing a suggestion to go to Indonesia. But Medan is rarely, if not at all, included on any list of must-visit. If any tourists ever go to Medan, it would be seasoned travelers, ones who have explored Indonesia’s top-tier travel destinations thus thrive for something else more than the regular. And that is exactly what you are going to have during your stay in Medan.

A visit to Medan means that you are going to interact with people who are naturally fiercer than others in Indonesia. That might sound like a stereotype but that is a fact so well-accepted that even people from other corners of Indonesia would quickly agree upon. This is in line with the city’s natural landscape that is rich in mountainous terrain and cultural background. The Batak people are indeed renowned as one of the toughest crowd in Indonesia. However, this doesn’t make your trip there less than pleasant. Aside from Bandung, Medan is the one place where culinary treasures hail from so your vacation is likely to be filled with palatable experiences. However, a travel to medan map must be brought along wherever you go as to avoid yourself from getting lost.

It would also be wise of you to take a travel to medan guide. Medan might be a road less traveled but among fellow less visited destinations in Indonesia, it is perhaps also one of the most advanced in regards to English literacy. Most tour guides in Medan speaks fluent English so communication wouldn’t be a challenge at all. Once you arrive at the city, here are the things you should look forward to:

  1. Durian

Yes, the fruit is delectable and Medan has it in abundance. In fact, the city is so well-known for being the largest producer in Indonesia that the term “Medanese durian” has become so common to distinguish the cultivar apart from the others. Typical durians from Medan are lighter in taste than those of Thailand or Malaysia and their flesh is also whiter in color. The cream of the crops would be their price. For $5, you can enjoy two durians—a sanctuary for durian-enthusiasts.

You should head on to Bukit Lawang to experience Medan’s sweetest durians.

  1. Medan’s bar and café

District 10 is an area in Medan where you can enjoy hanging out in various bars with their liquor and beer, offered at interesting prices.

The cafés are also not to be missed, especially ones that offer the world’s most expensive coffee beans, civet coffee.

  1. Unique food

Pangsitnoodle, teng-teng/ting-ting and martabakare only to mention a few.

Pangsit noodle is basically a noodle dish served with wontons, which are either fried or boiled/steamed.

Teng-teng/ting-ting is technically a peanut-based cookie, perfect as souvenirs.

Martabak is essentially a type of pancake slathered with margarine and topped with various things of your choice. It could be topped with chocolate sauce, cheese, or chopped peanuts.

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